Online Banking FAQs

General Questions


The use of the Express Online Banking and Bill Pay Service is “Totally Free”. The system will allow you to obtain account balances, review account transaction activity, make real time transfers between checking, statement savings and passbook savings accounts and make real time transfers to make a loan payment. The system also offers an electronic check register, the ability to categorize income and expenses and a reports function that offers features usually found only in stand-alone financial software packages. In addition, you are able to communicate with Express Online Banking Customer Service via secure e-mail and submit secure forms in order to complete routine banking applications and functions.Between the Online services combined at absolutely no cost to you, this is an exceptional value based on the convenience alone, but also consider that by using the Express Online Bill Payment Service, you will not only save time, but also the expense of stamps, envelopes and trips to the post office.

You will need an Internet Service Provider (ISP), a modem (the faster the better, but at least 28,800 baud or higher is recommended), and Browser software which supports 128-bit encryption, Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL).For best results, we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher. In all cases it is important that you be on the most recent release of whatever version you are on. To find out if you are using a browser version that supports SSL: Open you’re Internet Explorer, go to “Help”, then “About Internet Explorer”. Some information will appear. You want to look for Cipher Strength.In most cases, the Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser can be found either on the desktop or under Windows Start – Programs. If you do not have Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer on your computer, you can download the latest versions of either for free at the following Web addresses:

Yes, many of our customers are Macintosh users and do not experience service problems. If you do experience problems, we will attempt to assist you, however, technically, Express Online Banking does not support Macintosh users and we may not have a solution to a particular problem. Unfortunately, Macintosh users who use AOL as their ISP will not be able to access Express Online Banking.

Yes. We use 128-bit encryption: Secure Socket Layer 3.0 (SSL) for all communications including transactions and use of the “Mail Box” function within the system. This is currently the highest level of security available for Internet transactions. Security begins with your browser session. To protect transactions, we only accept logins originating from a browser that supports the highest level of encryption (128-bit). Encryption prevents transactions from being read by unauthorized parties over the Internet.It does not matter whether you have 40-bit or 128-bit encryption because we will create a 128-bit encrypted session for you. For more information about online banking safety tips, see Online Safety Tips.

No. Your online account information is available through access methods that have been rigorously tested for security accessibility. The information is not public. Only you can access it using your Sign-On ID and Password.You can help safeguard your information and the banking systems by protecting your Sign-On ID and Password. A proper combination of your Sign-On ID and Password is the only way to get access to your account. Please be careful to keep this information secure and always sign-off as soon as you have completed your Express Online Banking transactions.

No. For security reasons, Express Online Banking will not remember a Sign-On ID or Password. You will have to enter both these items each time you begin a session with Express Online Banking. To change your password, click on “Options” and follow the instructions.

If Express Online Banking and all of our back up systems were to go down, you can be comfortable that any transaction that you completed prior to the system going down, will go through. If you were in the middle of a transaction and there is some question as to whether the system has received the request, you may feel free to contact the Customer Service Desk at 315-592-3159 to ensure that your transaction request has been accepted.

You can link all of the accounts for which you have ownership rights to Express Online Banking and thereby access all of these accounts through Express Online Banking. In addition, if you open accounts at a later date, you have the option of linking them to Express Online Banking at any time. Please note that balances and account histories will be available for all of these accounts, but that some types of accounts will be limited as to what transactions customers are able to complete online.

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • All Loan Accounts

Click on the Service Center link at the top of the screen, then under the Online Services section, click on the Add/Remove Account secure form. Complete the form and submit electronically. Once the verification process is completed, you will receive an email to start using the account or that the account has been removed.

Click on the Service Center link at the top of the screen, then under the Online Services section, click on the Manage Account Nicknames link to complete immediately. Please note that this will only rename your account on Express Online Banking and will not affect the Bank’s main customer database.

All posted transactions are immediately viewable as Express Online Banking is online/real time with the Bank’s main customer database. Transactions such as transfers between two online accounts will update the main customer database immediately. However, some transactions, such as foreign ATM and debit card transactions do not immediately post to your account upon completion. Therefore they are delayed in appearing in the main customer database and thus are also delayed in appearing on Express Online Banking. External transfers are completed via the ACH system and will take 2 – 5 business days to be processed

Express Online Banking provides you with access to images of checks that have cleared your checking and/or money market accounts. The image of the check can be retrieved by selecting the check image icon, located under the Account Activity screen.

Yes. All of your checking accounts can be linked to Express Online Banking thus enabling you to pay bills from one or more of your checking accounts. Please note that only checking accounts can be linked to the bill payment function and be used to process bill payment requests.

DBA’s can be enrolled and/or added to the Personal account using the Express Online Banking access.Corporations, LLC’s, Organizations, etc.., will have to register with the Business/Organization option. Personal accounts cannot be on the same access with Business/Organization access.

Express Online Banking also offers “Secure Forms”. If you would like to access a secure form, from the Service Center link and you will be presented with a selection of “Secure Forms”. Due to the fact that these forms are on a Sign-On ID and Password protected system, they can be used to request a variety of account services from Fulton Savings Bank without having to visit a branch office in person. Please note that these forms represent requests only and will be processed during regular business hours on Bank business days. Other services offered are Bank to Bank Transfers to allow a transfer to another Financial Institution from FSB account, Unlinked/Person to Person Transfers would allow an FSB customer to transfer to another FSB account that does not have to an owner of the account, and Manage My Money that can be used as a Personal Financial Management tool to create a budget and savings goals.

I can view other areas of the Fulton Savings Bank’s website, but I can’t connect to Express Online Banking. What’s wrong?
If you are able to view other areas of our website, but you are unable to access Express Online Banking, it may indicate that you are having a problem accessing secured sites in general. Both your browser and Internet Service Provider must support secured sites. Refer to the requirements for using Express Online Banking. Using other browsers may also prevent access to Express Online Banking. Another reason that you might not be able to access Express Online Banking is that your cookies may not be enabled. In order to enter the secure encrypted site you must accept the cookies.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Control Panel
  4. Click on the Internet Options icon
  5. Click on the tab marked Security
  6. Click on Custom Level
  7. Scroll down to cookies and click the radio button to enable cookies
  8. Open your web browser
  9. From edit menu, select Preferences
  10. Click on Advanced
  11. Under cookies select Accept all Cookies

Send an email using the “Mail Box” function in Express Online Banking, call our Customer Service Department at (315) 592-3159 or call or visit any Fulton Savings Bank branch office during regular business hours Locate the branch nearest to you.

Express Online Banking Bill Pay Questions

Express Bill Pay offers new and improved features and functionalities such as: More flexibility in scheduling options Enhanced eBills Payment scheduling options that interact with your eBills Rush payment options Later cutoff times The ability to group “like” biller/payees together Payments will be sent to Payee, once received by Payee then funds are removed from your account. The ability to schedule payment reminders Payment monitoring Alerts and enhanced fraud monitoring to protect you from unauthorized payments.

If you receive an error message that says “Bill Pay is not available,” please check to make sure we have the most up to date home phone and/or email address on file. You may verify this information by accessing the “Service Center” tab within Express Online Banking. If after verifying your information, you continue to receive an error message, please contact the Online Banking Department for assistance at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120.

The “Deliver By” date is the date the biller/payee will receive the payment. If the payment is sent electronically, this will also be the date that the funds will be withdrawn from your account. If the payment is sent by check, the funds will be withdrawn from your account when the check is presented to the Bank for payment.

For the first few payments, the system may send a payment as a check vs. electronically, until it can learn to identify your typical payment behaviors. If it recognizes anything outside of your typical payment behavior, it will alert you to reduce the risk of payment errors. Since your payment, may go out as a check, it is extremely important that you verify the address prior to submitting the payment to ensure the payment gets mailed to the correct address.

The first time using our new Express Bill Pay, you will need to select a funding account when processing a payment for each biller/payee. Once you have selected the funding account, the funding account will be saved for that biller/payee.

With our new Express Bill Pay, we have made some major improvements to our eBill process. By re-enrolling in our new and improved eBill system, you will have access to new features such as PDF copies of your bill, eBill alerts and new payment options that will allow you to schedule one time and recurring payments based on your eBill each month!

You can use the link below to see if a payee participates in eBills through our new Express Bill Pay system:


If there is a biller/payee on the list, but you don’t see the eBill link, verify the payee details. The payee could only allow eBills if the address is set to X, but your biller/payee has an address of Y. It could also be that the specific type of bill you have for a certain biller/payee doesn’t participate in eBills through our new Bill Pay system. For example, a biller/payee may allow eBills for their credit cards, but not for their auto loans.

Payments from the previous system will be shown as a check payment once we upgrade to our new and improved Bill Pay system. This is simply a display issue only and will only affect payment made prior to the upgrade. Should you need any additional details regarding past payments, you may reference your account statements or contact the Express Online Banking Dept. at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120 and we can provide you with additional information.

Payments from our previous Bill Pay system, which were made six months ago or longer, may have a date of “Info not Available.” We are actively working to resolve this issue; however, this is a display issue only. Should you need any additional details regarding past payments, you may reference your account statements or contact the Express Online Banking Dept. at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120 and we can provide you with additional information.

The method of payment is determined by the biller/payee. Some biller/payees may also set certain dollar limits to what payments are sent electronically and what payments are sent by check. This means that your payment could be sent electronically, and other times, a payment to that same biller/payee could be sent via check. This could also be because the system will monitor your normal payment behaviors and anything outside your normal payment behaviors may go out as a check to reduce the risk of payment errors or fraud on your account.

Bill Pay within Quicken will no longer be available once we upgrade to the new Express Bill Pay system. We are still in the process of getting bill pay to connect to Quicken. A communication will be sent once this feature has been enabled.

Our terms and conditions have been updated to reflect all of the changes that are applicable with the new Bill Pay system. Prior to using our new Bill Pay, you must accept these updated terms and conditions.

If you added a memo line to payments sent from our previous system, that memo line will not carry over to the new system. However, the memo line will be available in your history for any new payments. Should you need to reference the memo line for any past check payments, you can view the memo line on the check image. If you need any assistance for ACH or Check Payments, let us know and we can help you to get this information.

Rather than writing checks to the same biller/payee each and every month, you establish a biller/payee list. Then, each month it’s just a matter of pointing and clicking on a biller/payee, entering a date and amount that you would like to pay. You have the option of scheduling payments or setting up recurring payments, as well as having the control to make your payments when you want to.

Express Bill Pay may prepare and mail a check for you or the payment may be sent electronically. The amounts are taken directly from your Fulton Savings Bank checking account. Simply enter the date you would like your payment to be received and Express Bill Pay will take care of getting it there on time.

Payment methods may include, but may not be limited to, an electronic payment (ACH), an electronic check payment, or a laser draft payment. Funds remitted to the biller/payee are deducted from your payment account when the laser draft is presented to Fulton Savings Bank for payment.

If you do not have enough money in your account on the “Deliver By” date, the payment will still be sent to the biller/payee and you could receive an insufficient funds charge (as disclosed in our schedule of fees.) We will try to collect payment a second time within 24-48 hours. If at that time you still do not have sufficient funds, a second insufficient funds charge may be assessed. At times, we may work with the biller/payee to try and reverse the payment. If the payment cannot be reversed, we will contact you directly to satisfy your outstanding balance. Your access to Express Bill Pay may also be restricted for payments resulting in insufficient funds.

With our new and enhanced Express Bill Pay, every payment is evaluated to ensure that it is within your normal behavior as well as a within the normal behavior for that biller/payee. If we have any questions regarding any of your payments, the payment may be held for 48 hours while we try to contact you for verification. If we are unable to contact you, the payment may be cancelled.

To choose a different funding account for a specific biller/payee, simply select the new account from the “Pay From” drop down.

Changing the default funding account for recurring payments is easy in our new Express Bill Pay. Simply select the “Accounts” tab and select the “Move Payments” link from the existing funding account. Select the new account from the “Move to this Account” drop down and click the “Move Payments” button.

You may cancel or edit any Scheduled Payment (including recurring payments) by selecting the “Change” or “Cancel” links within the Pending Payments section of the Bill Pay system. There is no charge for canceling or editing a Scheduled Payment. Once the payment has begun processing, it cannot be cancelled or edited; therefore a stop payment request must be submitted.

Yes, check payments can be sent to an individual from within the Express Bill Payment system. To send a check payment to an individual, click the “Add a Company or Person” button from within the Payment Center and select the “Person Tab.” You must be able to supply enough information on that person, such as name and full address for them to be created as a biller/payee.

Click the “Add a Company or Person” button from within the Payment Center and select the “Company Tab.” You can either search for the company in the “Search” bar, or you can select the company from the list of major biller/payees. When adding a major biller/payee, the biller/payee information has already been identified by the Bill Pay system; therefore, all you need to do is enter your account information for that major biller/payee. For smaller businesses or local businesses, the biller/payee information may not be readily available; therefore, you may need to enter more information about the business such as mailing address and phone number.

To organize your list of biller/payees, select the “Organize my List” link from the Payment Center. This will allow you to group biller/payees together in a way that works for you.

eBills through Bill Pay is the presentment of your electronic bills directly within the Bill Pay system.

Often, only the biller/payee name and account number are required, although some do require an additional field for validation, such as ZIP or phone number.

Yes, just click here. Open link in Internet Explorer to see the video.

Transfer of Funds Questions

The main menu option “Transfer Funds” enables you to transfer funds between checking, statement savings and passbook savings accounts. In addition, funds can be transferred from checking, statement savings and passbook savings accounts to make a regular loan payment or to make a principal payment. Please note that some types of loans may not be able to have payments applied through Express Online Banking. External Transfers/Bank to Bank transfers and Unlinked/Person to Person transfers can also be accessed via the Transfer Funds link.

Every time that you use a passbook savings account for a transfer of funds transaction, you will receive a Regulation “E” statement in the mail.

You may also pay-down a home equity line of credit for any amount, even paying the balance down to zero without closing out the line of credit.

Passbook Savings Account terms require that the passbook be presented with any request for withdrawal. In order for Fulton Savings Bank to allow electronic transactions, on passbook accounts; Fulton Savings Bank has to follow Federal Regulation “E” set forth by FDIC stating that a monthly statement is mailed out to all recipients each time a passbook has been used for the purpose of any electronic transaction.

A transfer initiated before 8:00 PM (EST) on a business day is posted to your account the same day. All transfers completed after 8:00 PM (EST) on a business day or on a Saturday, Sunday, or banking holiday, will be posted on the next business day. Future-dated or recurring transfers are made at approximately 11:00 a.m. on the date requested. If the future-dated or recurring transfer is scheduled to be processed on a weekend or a bank holiday, it will be done on either the business day prior to or after the scheduled date. If the transfer is to be made on a Saturday, it will be processed on the previous Friday or business day; if the transfer is to be made on a Sunday, it will be processed on the Monday after or the next business day.

Transfers out of statement savings or passbook savings accounts processed using Express Online Banking do count toward the allowable maximum number of “pre-authorized” transfers per statement cycle. Currently, a maximum of six such transfers is allowed within a statement cycle per account. Checking accounts do not apply to this limitation. For details, please refer to the Fulton Savings Bank Deposit Account Agreement that you received upon opening these accounts or call any of our offices to obtain a new deposit account agreement or clarification on this federally mandated limitation.

Yes. In the “Accounts Summary” screen, click the “Account” link and the details of the account will appear to the left of the loan account. This will display important information about your loan account including the next due date and the amount due.

You may use the Secure Message Center to contact us in order to edit or delete the original automatic transfer instructions.


Financial Software Questions

Yes, Express Online Banking was designed to be highly compatible with Quicken. We have achieved this compatibility by building an industry-standard Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) downloading capability right into Express Online Banking. This format works with Quicken. You can access the downloading for Quicken from the link that appears on the Service Center link or the “More” tab from the account summary screen.

The Fulton Savings Bank ABA/routing transit number is 221370496. You may need this number if you choose to download transaction histories into Microsoft Money.