Debit Card

Use your Debit Card for everyday purchases wherever you go.

Debit Card Near Fulton Ny From Fulton Savings Bank

Convenient Key Features

          • Accepted Worldwide easier than carrying lots of cash.
          • No Fees at any of COMPASS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION's ATMs located throughout Fulton and Oswego, NY when you use your debit card.
          • No Fees at any of ALLPOINT’s 55,000 ATM’s worldwide when you use your debit card.
          • Accepted more readily than checks, especially out-of-state, and avoids the hassles of check approval. And, no bulky checkbook.
          • Helps keep track of spending: purchase details appear on your monthly checking statement.
          • Can be replaced if lost or stolen.
          • No Annual Fee!
          • Enhanced Debit Card Fraud Notification System

Please be sure to allow calls or messages from our notification number: 1-844-682-4502

When you use your debit card to make a purchase at a retailer, you should be given the option of activating a “debit” or a “credit” transaction. If you choose credit: The transaction will be free.

If you choose debit and are asked to input your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you will be charged $1.00.

Resolving Disputes with Merchants

Shopping with your Fulton Savings Bank Express Banking Debit Card is essentially the same as paying with cash or checks. Work directly with the merchant to resolve any dispute. Their refund policies generally govern these transactions. If a dispute cannot be resolved, a Fulton Savings Bank Branch Office Representative may be of assistance.

The Freedom and Convenience of a Debit Card

An Express Banking Debit Card gives you the freedom and convenience of everyday access to your funds on deposit at Fulton Savings Bank.

You can use your Debit card at any Fulton Savings Bank ATM location. Use your Debit card to get cash from your Fulton Savings Bank account, make transfers between accounts, and for obtaining account information with NO FEES.

Here’s another big advantage; There’s no annual fee for a Fulton Savings Bank Express Banking Debit Card.

And, you can use it to shop at most locations accepting MasterCard and thousands of other locations nationwide and internationally, at outlets or point-of-sale terminals that offer Debit card accessibility, with networks such as Cirrus or NYCE.

Your Fulton Savings Bank Express Banking Debit Card works at other outlets and point-of-sale terminals (see logos on back of card) which enable you to use it to make purchases at many other merchants – from supermarkets to gas stations. Some retailers may even offer a cash back option, which allows you to request more than the purchase amount and receive the difference back in cash.

Regional networks offer Debit Card accessibility to local participating merchants and international networks, like Cirrus and NYCE, providing card access to merchants both in the US and in more than 64 countries.

With Fulton Savings Bank Debit Card you can get cash anytime day or night. And when you use your Debit Card at any of Fulton Savings Bank’s many locations or at any Allpoint ATM, there’s never any fee. Fulton Savings Bank has installed ATM’s in all communities we serve.

Out of Country Travel

Debit Card Out of Country Travel from Fulton Savings Bank

As part of our enhanced fraud prevention service, please notify Customer Service should you wish to use your Fulton Savings Bank Debit Card for transactions located out of the United States.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 315 592-3120 or at least 3 business days prior to your travel date.

* E-mails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.

Card controls and Alerts allow you to control your spending while providing additional security. It’s easy too! You can enable Card Controls & Alerts through the Fulton Savings Bank’s Mobile Banking App.

Card Controls & Alerts