Bank Management

Bank Trustees

Mark Backus
Chairman of the Board

Rev. John J. Canorro

Pamela D. Caraccioli

Brian Caswell, CPA

Thomas J. Johnston III

Jerome A. Mirabito, Esq.

Michael J. Pollock

Bank Officers

Pamela D. Caraccioli
President and CEO

Jerome A. Mirabito, Esq.
Executive Vice President / Secretary

Melissa K. Keller, CPA
Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Julie A. Mazzoli
Senior Vice President / Lending Compliance & CRA Officer

Tom W. Roman
Senior Vice President / Chief Lending Officer

Laurie A. Smith
Vice President / Human Resources & Marketing

Tina M. Stephens
Vice President / Branch Administration


Bank Officers & Managers

Amy L. Cote
Assistant Secretary - Legal Department

Darlene A. DeRocha

Kristie M. Engebretsen
Branch Officer

Randy Hoyt
Branch Officer

Charrise M. Kidd
Branch Officer

Michelle M. Kitts
Assistant Vice President / BSA & Security

Jo Anne Pietrowicz
Assistant Vice President / Accounting

Ronald C. Browning
Information Technology Manager

Ashley A. France
Training Manager / Branch Supervisor