Mobile Banking FAQs

General Questions

Mobile Banking gives the ability to access account information Via the Mobile downloadable application (APP) for the iPhone and Android. Both the browser and application options allow you to: view account balances or recent account activity, transfer funds, Fast Balances, and find the nearest ATM or branch locations.

Fulton Savings Bank iMobile Banking is free, however, there may be charges associated with data usage on your mobile device. Check with your wireless device carrier for more information.

Yes, the Mobile Banking service utilizes best practices from Online Banking, such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, registration authentication questions, access with a User ID and Password, security authentication questions, and application time-out when your mobile device is not in use. In addition, no account data is ever stored on your mobile device. In the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by either visiting the Fulton Savings Bank Online Banking Service Center or contacting us here or calling a Fulton Savings Bank Customer Service Representative at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120.

Yes, you do need to be an Online Banking customer to take advantage of the Mobile Banking services. You may either enroll via the App or go to and enroll online. The Login credentials that you set up are used for both services.

Yes, you must use the same Login credentials. For the first time logging in you will prompted to answer the same security questions you have previously set up within Express Online Banking.

Mobile Registration / Manage Accounts Questions

Mobile Registration is the process that assists in the creation of credentials for access to Fulton Savings Bank Mobile Banking services. You will walk through a series of steps to verify your identity, select and provide answers to security challenge questions, and create a User ID and Password.

All users are required to register for a User ID and Password in order to access Mobile Banking. You can either register from the App or use your mobile web browser and go to

Login to your mobile banking, press the Menu icon, press Mobile Services and select the change(s) that you would like to complete.

On your Mobile Sign In screen go to Forgot Password link. For your security, you must 1) verify your identity by entering your Login ID, last 4 digits of your social security number, and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY), and 2) create a new password.

You will have to contact the Online/Mobile Banking Representative at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120. Also, you may contact your local branch.

You will have to contact the Online/Mobile Banking Representative at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120. Also, you may contact your local branch.

How do I access Mobile Banking on my mobile device browser?

You can visit our Mobile Banking page.

Yes, Fulton Savings Bank has custom apps for the iPhone and Android devices. Just search for FSBiMobile or Fulton Savings Bank from your App store.

Yes, Mobile Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For optimal experience with the Fulton Savings Bank Mobile Service you may want to 1) Ensure your mobile device’s browser allows https:// access and has cookies and java script enabled, 2) Make sure your device is updated. **Never, agree to save your password.

Mobile Banking is supported on most devices with a mobile web browser that supports cookies. In addition, the downloadable application is supported on most iPhone and Android devices. Mobile Banking does not support Blackberry devices.

Simply go to your App store and search for FSBiMobile or Fulton Savings Bank and click to install.


If you do not receive a confirmation message due to a lost signal, you may verify a transaction by logging back into Mobile Banking. If you need assistance please contact a Customer Service Representative at 315-592-3159.

Security Questions

Select the Service Center tab and in the Security Information area, select Change Security Profile.

Select the Log Out link to sign out of Mobile Banking and then close your browser through your mobile device browsing options. If you are using a downloadable app, click on Log Out to stop your Mobile Banking session.

The 128-bit SSL encryption protects your information as it travels from your mobile device to Fulton Savings Bank. The 128-bit SSL encryption technology is the same encryption that safeguards Internet traffic for secure web applications.

Here are some tips and general good practices for banking on your mobile device:

  • Download and apply security updates and patches to your mobile browser when they are made available by your wireless provider. These are designed to provide you with protection from known possible security problems.
  • To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open attachments from unknown or untrustworthy sources.
  • Do not install pirated software or software from unknown sources.
  • Limit unauthorized access to your mobile device. Do not leave your mobile device unattended during an open Mobile Banking session.
  • Never save your User ID and Password in the mobile device, in memos, or anywhere on your device.
  • Always remember to log off properly using the “Log Out” button when you have completed your Mobile Banking activities.
  • Be aware of the potential for fraudulent Mobile Banking apps.

Mobile Banking offers the same security features and protection as our other online services, including encryption, and security questions. Mobile Banking users are protected by:

  • Firewall systems and intrusion detection software
  • Encryption of sensitive information that protects information sent over the Internet
  • Internationally recognized security standards and industry best practices Profile and Password security