eDocuments FAQ

You will need to be enrolled with the Express Online Banking service in order to access eDocuments. Once you have logged on to online banking, click on “View eDocuments” within the Quick Links tile and you will be given the "Disclaimer" page to accept or decline.

Note: You may only have access to eDocuments once you “accept” the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer.

You will need to have internet access, an Express Online Banking account and a PDF writer application such as Adobe Reader 5.0 or better. Or use CutePDF free application.

You will have access up to 16 months of eDocuments.

No. The paper statements and/or Loan Bills will stop the following month after you accept the eDocuments Disclaimer. You will be able to re-instate the paper statements again by emailing the Online Banking department at expressonlinebanking@fultonsavings.com.

Emails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.

Yes, once the eDocument becomes available, you will receive an email alert. Please keep your email up to date by contacting the Express Online Banking Department at expressonlinebanking@fultonsavings.com .

Emails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose which statements that you would like as paper sent in the mail.  Once you agree to the Disclaimer, then all paper statements and/or Loan Bills will stop being mailed. 

Yes, when your Loan payment is due you will receive an email alert to view your Loan Bill.

Ex: My spouse and I have two different Online Banking Logon Id’s, and each has a joint account and personal accounts.  My spouse wants his / her personal account as eDocument, but I do not.


The account that the other person does not want an eDocument on will have to be removed from the Online Banking access that does want the eDocuments. Note: Once the account is removed, the transfer capability is no longer available.

You will receive one paper statement and then will receive eDocuments continually going forward. 

Note:  In order to activate the new account for eDocuments, you must click on the eDocument link under Quick Links and open the window.  Otherwise, you will continue to receive paper statements in the mail.

You will have to contact the Express Online Banking Department at 315-592-3159. Also, you may send an email to expressonlinebanking@fultonsavings.com or use your online banking Mailbox.

Emails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.

Yes. Although PDF writer applications, like CutePDF, doPDF, Write on PDF, and Xodo, all make for good PDF-writing options, it should be noted that the majority of popular Internet browser programs today, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, all feature printing features that allow for saving web pages to PDF. In other words, it may not be completely necessary to download or purchase a PDF writer from the Internet today. One can simply use one of the popular Internet browsers, as mentioned previously.

You will need a PDF Writer application such as Adobe Reader (free) or CutePDF (free). To download the CutePDF Writer:

1.) Go to www.cutepdf.com

2.) Select the product, titled “CutePDF Writer (Free).”

        **   Do not select CutePDF Pro, as that product is not free.   **

3.) Click the “Free Download” link.

4.) A dialog box will pop up. Click “Run.”

5.) Click “Run” in the second dialog box.

6.) Click “Next” when the “Set Up Wizard” box pops up.

7.) Click on “I accept” on the terms and conditions box.

8.) On the “Ask.com Toolbar” screen uncheck all three boxes. Fulton Savings Bank recommends that you do not download this toolbar, as it is used to track your web activity. It is not a requirement in order to get CutePDF.

9.) Click Yes to “Download Converter.”

To save your (eDocuments)

1.) Log into your Online Banking system.

2.) Click on the “eDocuments” hyperlink, located within the Quick Links tile.

3.) Click on the link shown. You will be passed into a window that will display the eDocuments system.

4.) Once you have accessed the eDocument system, you will be at your Welcome page. Under the Welcome Message is a “Documents” section that will list the account numbers for which archived eDocuments are available.

5.) Select the account number whose eDocument you would like to view. You will be taken into the eDocument Viewer.

6.) In the right frame of the eDocument Viewer, you will see a list of dates that correspond to the statement periods for the available eDocuments.

7.) Click the date of the eDocument you would like to see. The dated eDocument will appear on the screen.

8.) At the top right-side of the eDocument, located under the Statement Period, Account Number and Number of Checks fields, you will see a link labeled “Printable Version’. Click on the “Printable Version” link and a new window will open. The link/window will convert the underlying contents to a normal 8.5 x 11 formatted display. In addition, a “Print” dialog box will open automatically.

NOTE: You will NOT be printing the contents of the Printable version screen. You need to see/access the Print dialog box to be able to select the CutePDF application (i.e., to save the document in a PDF file format).

9.) In the Print dialog box that appears, move your cursor to the “Select Printer” area (located at the top) and select the “CutePDF Writer” option by clicking this and then clicking the Apply command button, followed by a click of the Print command button.

10.) A “Save As” dialog box will pop up. You will be prompted to save the file into a directory/folder/location and name of your choice.

11.) Go to the directory/folder/location you selected in Step 10. There you will find the PDF file that contains your saved eDocument.